How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

While many window-cleaning products claim to help you achieve that "streak free shine" not all are guaranteed, so heres a simple guide on how to clean windows.

If you've ever felt the cycle of cleaning your windows only to be met with streaks and spots, you're not alone. We've all been there, experimenting with various products and methods, doubling our efforts for that elusive streak-free shine. The White Green Cloth changes the game—imagine effortlessly wiping your windows, leaving nothing but clarity behind, all while being kind to the planet and those you care about.

What Products Should I Use for Cleaning Windows?

In a market flooded with options, finding a cleaning product that delivers can be daunting. Not all microfiber cloths are created equal, and chemical cleaners often fall short. The White Green Cloth stands out in this crowded space—a reusable, eco-friendly solution that has been thoroughly vetted for performance, ensuring that your cleaning routine is as effective as it is green.

Cleaning Inside and Outside of the Windows 

1. To achieve sparkling windows, simply moisten The White Green Cloth, ensuring excess water is wrung out.

2. Take your dampened cloth and Begin at the top of the window, smoothly wiping down to the bottom. Don’t forget to wipe down the frame as well, both inside and out.

3. After wiping, let the window air dry to reveal a lustrous shine. If the window seems too damp, a dry White Green Cloth can be used for a final touch-up.   

Say farewell to the frustration of persistent streaks; embrace the satisfaction of flawlessly clean windows after just one pass, enhancing your home with the brilliance of sunlight.


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