Meet Noelle

Noelle Stewart

"Hello, I'm Noelle Stewart, the proud owner of The White green Cloth, a business I founded in 2012.At that time, I was a single mom facing significant financial hardships while raising four children. Little did I know, this venture would become a life-changing opportunity. Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the journey my business has taken. Through sheer determination, hard work and unwavering consistency, The White Green Cloth has flourished and thrived beyond my wildest dreams. One of the aspects I cherish the most is the genuine connection I share with my loyal customers who have become more than just patrons-they are caring and supportive friends. Whether it's engaging with them at farmers markets or various venues, I find immense joy in personally connecting with the individuals who appreciate what The White Green Cloth stands for. As I demonstrate the power and practicality of The White Green Cloth, I am reminded of how fortunate I am that my business aligns seamlessly with my core values and lifestyle. This product I offer reflects my commitment to environmental sustainability and a cleaner, greener world. I invite you to try The White Green Cloth in your daily cleaning routine and experience the difference it can make. Discover a more eco-friendly and effective way to keep your home clean and contribute to a healthier planet. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity this business has provided me, and I am excited to continue sharing my passion for clean, eco-friendly living with the world through The White Green Cloth.