Frequently Asked Questions

What are they made of?
The cloth is made from polymite. A dense form of polyester. It is a recycled product. The fibers are pressed not woven and 200 times thinner than human hair.
Can you cut cloth for smaller areas?
Yes! You can cut to any size. The cloth will not Fray.
Can you use on walls?
Yes! Absolutely. You can use the cloth on any wall.
Can a sanitizing spray be used with this cloth?
Yes. The cloth can be used with sanitizer and also with other Cleaning products. We recommend using only water when cleaning windows and mirrors.
Does it work on marble?
Yes! It’s great for Marble. The cloth cleans and polishes at the same time.
Do these kill bacteria and viruses?
The White Green Cloth picks up 99.9% bacteria and germs from surfaces when dampened with water ONLY—NO chemicals in the cloth.
What is the best way to keep the cloths in good working condition?
To keep your cloths in good working condition Machine or hand Wash when dirty and follow washing instructions. No fabric softener, do not wash with Towels and air dry only.
How long does one cloth last? How many uses?
I use different cloths for different tasks. I mark the plastic with the task it is for. I don’t ever put them in the washing machine. I soak them in hot water in a sink and twist until dry. Lay it out to dry fully before putting it back in the bag. I use 2 for my car—1 for windows & 1 for the body of the car, (this one gets really dirty but just keep rinsing it out). I use one for all the glass, cooktop, granite and mirrors in my home. I use one on the wood furniture. It takes all the old furniture polish that is full of dust and dirt but after a few wipes, the furniture looks like it did when it was new. I did a 10 pack purchase. I still have 3 new ones. I bought these almost a year ago. No more window cleaner, no more furniture polish, no more car polish.
What is the packaging for multiple cloth orders like?
Each cloth is individually packaged along with TheWhiteGreenCloth insert.